Bob White's new DVD, "A Weekend to Remember Taking the 10th Degree" is Available NOW!

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Bob White's new book, "Life in Session" is Available NOW!

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The International Journey is the sequel to The Journey: the Oral Histories of 24 of the Most Proficient American Kenpoists of Today.

The International Journey documents the stories of some of the top Kenpoists in the world, as told to Tom Bleecker.

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DVD instructional video for instructors, future instructors, and school owners by Master Bob White. Master White will share with you the methods that have enabled him to work full time as a karate instructor and school owner. Topics include motivational and coaching techniques, along with the skills necessary to develop long lasting relationships with your students.

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The Purpose Driven Journey to Success DVD is a training tool that provides a great resource which can be used by people of all levels to improve their skills. Bob and Barbara White, and some of the worlds’ finest Martial Artists, demonstrate and explain what has helped them raise to a higher level.

This DVD is an investment that has been endorsed by many of the worlds top instructors.

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From the very beginning, when I was first diagnosed with cancer, Barbara and I have received tremendous support from our family and friends. In some cases, the friends were people that we had never met. The offers of prayers, financial donations, visits, meals, and other unsolicited acts of kindness were overwhelming.

In June 2017, the A Day of Appreciation fundraiser was created by Grandmaster Mike Pick in California with seminars by Tom Bleecker, Benny Urquidez, Gabe Fabela, John Conway, Ron Sanchez, Chuck Sullivan, and Bryan Hawkins. Similar events were held by Kenpo communities in other states and countries.

Barbara and I want do do more to bring attention to living a life of service. It's our desire that service would become a regular feature in the Kenpo community and I hope this is a message that's received all over the world.

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