Specialty Lessons

Group and Private Lessons

The ideal form of education is a combination of group and private lessons. Group lessons provide the student an opportunity for drill and repetition that is so necessary in developing karate skills. It also creates an environment of unity where friendships are created, and training partners established. Classes provide a chance to plug in to the energy and enthusiasm in a group setting and allow the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and physically for self defense situations.

Private lessons are ½ hour in length . This has been proven to be equivalent to 3-4 hours of group instruction. It gives the instructor and the student the opportunity to work together as a team to gear the art to fit the individual students’ physical and mental attributes. This development of an individual style has been one of our keys to turning out outstanding Martial Artists for the past 40 plus years.

For information on Private Lessons please contact us.


Women’s Self Defense

This two hour class includes a Power Point presentation, written material, contact work on striking shields, and training tools to best prepare you mentally. Emphasis is geared towards developing awareness, knowledge, and skill to improve your survivability.

You will not only take home a greater understanding of the mental concepts behind self-defense, but also gain a greater confidence in your ability to strike effectively and the knowledge on where to strike. It is our desire that through this course, we can give you the best chance to not become a victim.

For information on Women’s Self Defense, please contact us.

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