Barbara White

Black Belt - 5th Degree

Barbara and her husband, Bob White, own and operate a karate school in Costa Mesa, Ca. The BWKS has a great history of service to our community and Barbara is a driving force in maintaining the very highest of standards at the school. Barbara is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt, and teaches private lessons. She has a personal commitment to each of her students, many of whom have reached the degree of black belt. Barbara graduated from Washington State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She works as a Case Manager at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

She has competed on and has 1st place victories in all levels including 1st Place at the International Karate Championships as a Light Weight Black Belt. She also competed and was on the first place Women’s Black Belt Team at the 2012 International Karate Championships held in Long Beach, Ca. Barbara was chosen to be one of the members of the Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Dream Team to perform for the Shaolin Monks from China at the 2013 Festival and Tournament held at the LA Convention Center.

Barbara has been actively involved in promoting an event every year for Royal Family Kids. This is a world-wide organization that provides a weeklong camp for abused and neglected children. Barbara has also been a camp nurse every year since 2006 and also runs a karate program for one of the activities at camp. Bob and Barbara were recognized by the Honorable John M.W. Moorlach of the California Senate for their longstanding record of achievement and humanitarian efforts to the community. They have also been recognized and by the United Martial Arts for Christ for their humanitarian work.

The team of Bob and Barbara White, teach seminars all over the United States, South America, and Europe. The opportunity to share their knowledge, be in service to Kenpo, and make new friends is something that they consider a true blessing.

Because of her passion for wanting to help others become the best that they can be, Barbara created an extensive yearlong Children’s Character curriculum, that is implemented in the children’s group classes. As a result, children learn about important principles, some of which are, leadership, integrity, responsibility, respect, commitment, friendship, and service.

Barbara, and her husband, Bob, has developed The Triad to Success, a diagram depicting essentials advantageous for a student’s success in their martial arts journey. These essentials are the parent, the student, and the teacher. When all three work together, great things can happen. If there is a failure in one or more of the three components, failure is more likely. Within this Triad are characteristics that are also needed, one of which is gratitude, located at the top of the triad.

Another passion of Barbara’s is working with women and speaking out against the wrongs we see in our culture. As a result, she has created a Women’s Self Defense program that has helped women around the world in becoming better educated and empowered through the realization that they can hit effectively and defend themselves.

In 2014, at the 50th anniversary of the International Karate Championships, Barbara created a Women’s Symposium that consisted of a panel of women who have made a difference in their community. This was a first-of-it’s-kind recognition for women in Martial Arts. The symposium was well received, gave a voice to women in martial arts, and role modeling for the young ladies who are involved in Martial Arts.

“I am grateful for the opportunities martial arts has provided me to help others and make a difference in their lives. As a woman, Martial Arts has allowed me to speak out against issues I feel are impactful to women, such as sexual violence, and to use my experience fight back in a productive way. As a Christian, martial arts has allowed me to use my passion and talents to help others in a manner that is pleasing to God.”1