Barbara White

Black Belt - 6th Degree
Barbara White started her martial arts journey 28 years ago, in 1991. Through hard work and determination, she has risen to a very high skill level. Mrs. White started in a Japanese style but came to Kenpo 28 years ago. She has competed on every level and has 1st place victories in all levels including 1st Place at the International Karate Championships as a Light Weight Black Belt. She also competed and was on the first place Women’s Black Belt Team at the 2012 International Karate Championships held in Long Beach, Ca. In 2014 she conducted the first-ever Women’s Symposium held at the International Karate Championships 50th Anniversary. In 2017 she was inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame and in 2019 she was awarded Kenpo Woman of the Year at the historic Gathering of the Eagles event hosted by the Tracy Kenpo organization.
Barbara White is a Registered Nurse and graduated from Washington State with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has been actively involved in promoting an event every year for Royal Family Kids, an organization that provides a weeklong camp for abused and neglected children. Not only is she involved in making this annual event happen, but she has been a camp nurse since 2006.
Barbara and her husband, Bob White, own and operate a karate school in Costa Mesa, Ca. Bob White Karate Studio has a great history of service to our community and Barbara is a driving force in maintaining the very highest of standards at the school. Barbara, who is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt, is an active instructor and mentor to many of the students at the school. Recently, three of her students achieved the rank of Black Belt. Her hard work ethic and passion for the art have made her a tremendous mentor and role model for many.
The team of Bob and Barbara White, have taught seminars all over the United States, South America, and Europe. The opportunity to share their knowledge, be in service to Kenpo, and to make new friends, has been something that they consider a true blessing. Barbara assists her husband, Bob, on various aspects of Kenpo, working with men, women, and children.
Barbara has created an extensive Children’s Character curriculum, which is implemented in the children’s group classes. As a result, children are exposed to important principles, such as Leadership, Integrity, Responsibility, and Service, just to name a few.
Barbara White is also a Certified Level 1 Instructor in CrossFit, which is an elite fitness program that uses modern and up to date training methods to facilitate peak performance. She utilizes the concepts and principles from CrossFit to enhance her own fitness classes on a regular basis.
Barbara has created a Women’s Self Defense program that has helped women around the world in becoming better educated and empowered through the realization that they can hit effectively and defend themselves. This PowerPoint presentation has been shared with many and has received a tremendous response.
Barbara is a Christian and endeavors to personify the Christian walk through her personal life and in the atmosphere at the studio. She desires to be in service to others and is impactful to many. She has earned the respect of men, women, and children with whom she has worked.